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Online courses - in Danish

The first online course will be an 6-week Masterclass

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We will continue to release new online courses with new topics every month.

Executive Coaching

The coaching is based in cognitive and existential therapy as well as positive psychology. This means that you get perspective, but also concrete actions:

  • Clarity about your strengths and your values.
  • Psychological insights and sparring on your leadership style, to help you motivate your team better.
  • Strengthened resilience to tackle life crises while maintaining your professional overview.
  • Mental fitness to keep your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape.
  • New knowledge about psychologist and brain research will also motivate you.
  • A plan to reach your goals in 2020!

Leadership Development

Great leaders create opportunities for people to thrive!

Your people have individual strengths and gifts which you may not even be aware of, which could be leveraged for unique contributions to the business. So, a top priority for leaders to elevate their game, is to recognize and acknowledge those strengths and craft opportunities that will help their employees to grow .

Learn how to reach your own potential and how to empower your employees by truly making them feel that they matter to the overall success of the business.

keynote speaking

Great enthusiame and vivid narratives are hallmarks when Louise Luxhøi shares her knowledge and provides practical tools to strengthen mental health.

Louise Luxhøi is an expert in Mental Health, a candidate in psychology and health promotion strategies as well as author of the book "Mental Topform" (Politiken's publishing house). She is well-known from science programs at DR2 and often participates in the public debate in the media.

Louise is positive and present on stage, when she delivers the important messages of how to strengthen the motivation for greater mental health in your organization and why Happiness is serious business.


Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn’t be neglected.

Including mental exercises into your daily routine can help you reap the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for years to come.

Latest News

In celebration of the International day of Mental Health, oct. 10th., I will be giving three Keynote speeches. One to a visionary finance organization, with over 21.000 employees. I am happy and thankful that Mental Health is finally being recognized as important, also in larger organizations.

These speeches are not public, but I will be announcing public speaking arrangements very soon. 

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